The signature wear blue shirt serves as a memorial to America's fallen military personnel, and many of our runners choose to add the name of someone with whom they served, a family member, or a friend, who has made the ultimate sacrifice.  We know how meaningful it is to have your shirts personally honoring your fallen.


We encourage individual to use local printers in your area to have your items customized.


wear blue: run to remember Personalization Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant to help you in deciding how to make your apparel become even more of a living memorial to you.

What is recommended for personalizing?

Our technical and cotton tshirts, hoodie, and half zip are all great products to have personalized.

What do you suggest I have printed on my shirt?

wear blue strongly encourages you to have the names of Fallen military members printed on the back of your shirt choice. While our mission is to run for the Fallen, the Fighting, and the Families, we believe it is our wear blue shirt that stands as a living memorial to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

What font do I use?

Our font is courier new bold, so your text will match what is already printed.
Where can I view examples of personalized shirts?
Examples of layouts are:
  1. Three Lines - Rank, Name, Date of Death, Conflict (click here for example)
  2. Four Lines - Rank, Name, Date of Death, Conflict, Branch (click here for example)
  3. Five Lines - Rank, Name, Date of Death, Conflict, Branch, Unit (click here for example)
  4. Multiple Names, Date of Death, Conflict, Unit (click here for example)
Where should the personalization be added to the shirt?
The back of the shirt is where we encourage you to add the name of the Fallen for whom you run to honor. The first line of text should align with the star in the footprint logo (click here for example).
For the Washington DC 2015 shirt it is recommended that you center your text with the Iwo Jima Memorial picture.

Live near our JBLM, WA Chapter?
We recommend and endorse Custom Shirt Shop Tacoma.  They are familiar with our guidelines, organization, and apparel.  You may find their contact information on their website at Typical charges are $20-50 for the setup and then $12 per shirt to personalize.  Please note that the print shop does not carry our shirts for sale.  All merchandise can be purchased online and then taken to CSS for personalization.
For more questions on personalization, please email