Footprint Car Magnet

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Show your wear blue support on your vehicle with these footprint magnets.

Magnets are 7.75 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide.

Failure to review and abide by these warnings could result in damage to the magnet or your vehicle and could increase the likelihood that the magnet will not adhere properly and may fall off during use.

  • Don’t place the magnet over protrusions, fixtures or concave areas, such as: moulding, lights, reflectors, decals, pin stripes, air intakes, wells and spoilers.
  • Never apply the product to horizontal metal surfaces (such as car roofs)
  • Take care not to place it in direct or constant sunlight or extreme heat.
  • Don’t layer one magnet on top of another when applied to vehicles.
  • Long-term outdoor usage of magnets on painted surfaces may result in fading, due to shielding the underlying color from ultraviolet rays.
  • Make sure to remove the magnet regularly for cleaning of vehicle and magnet to prevent damage caused by dust and debris.